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The Guiltinan Group – Luxury Real Estate

The Guiltinan Group is a leader in Luxury Real Estate, specializing in high-end luxury properties

throughout the San Diego area. We represent the highly affluent regions in San Diego County.

Brian D. Guiltinan, Chief Executive Officer

The Guiltinan Group was first established in 2003 by Chief Executive Officer, Brian Guiltinan.

The company quickly emerged among the top leaders in Southern California Luxury

Real Estate and continues to stay ahead in a specialized market. Our team of <ahref=”http://theguiltinangroup.com/theguiltinangroup/luxury-real-estate-agents/”>Luxury Real Estate Agents

is hand selected leaders in the community, specializing in the Luxury Real Estate market. Each agent is

determined to reach out to clients and create a  real estate relationship that will last homeowners a lifetime.

The distinctive hallmark of The Guiltinan Group is our unique philosophy and dedication to our clients. This

philosophy of first-class service threads its way through all of the elements of a real estate transaction.

We offer upscale office locations, quality marketing materials, respect and trust that are earned, established

relationships, and ultimately facilitating a successful transaction.

Being an independent brokerage allows us to provide a personal touch, resulting in successful transactions

and satisfied clients. We continue to set new and higher standards for conducting business in the community.

Creating a business with a core of community outreach has been an important element to Brian. His philanthropic

efforts continue to grow each year with the hope that through them, we can help to heal.

Our Mission as a Luxury Real Estate Company

It is the purpose of The Guiltinan Group to enrich the real estate community by providing the best possible service to our real estate agents and the clients they serve.The company maintains a commitment to the core values of ethics, customer service and innovation. We are a unique, locally owned company that encourages agent-independence and entrepreneurial skills through staff support and creative marketing.This approach is designed to create happy and loyal agents while maintaining balance and fun, in work and in life. We operate by the credo that The Guiltinan Group succeeds as a company because our agents succeed as individuals.